Resume - Kevin Qi


Hi! I'm a full-stack web developer with an affinity for frontend development and design. I have 6 years of experience working at web startups, and have helped introduce tech and engineering practices such as React, ES6, integration testing, and code review.

I always aim to write readable, well-documented and tested code - while still iterating quickly. I like to have ownership of a product and take a holistic view beyond coding, thinking about things like product impact, A/B testing, and scalable design systems.

I'd love to work at a startup or small company where I can help build interesting, impactful products.



Senior software engineer, Dec 2014–Aug 2016

  • Built React frontend for general-purpose patient interview framework, and wrote dozens of other React components.
  • Helped introduce technologies and best practices, including React/ES6/webpack and javascript testing. Gave presentations on GraphQL, ES6 best practices, and React.
  • Open-sourced two react components, react-calendar-heatmap and react-circular-progressbar.
  • Quickly learned and handled development on PLM Connect iOS app for two months, adding treatment reports and other features to the app.

Freelance web developer

Apr 2014–Nov 2014

  • Designed and built new websites for clients like NeuroSave.


Software engineer, May 2011–Apr 2014

  • Built a shipment search interface with sophisticated refinements and filtering, and an interface to visualize Chinese trade data
  • Helped introduce performance monitoring via NewRelic, acceptance testing, easier A/B testing, and established a code review process.
  • Worked on numerous projects on homepage, search, subscription flows, and user dashboard. Improved conversion rate of high-traffic public company profiles.

Lockheed Martin

Software engineer, Jan 2010–May 2011

  • Developed major frontend improvements to an emergency preparedness training application built on Ruby on Rails.


An open source circular progressbar component for React, built with SVG and extensively customizable. It's published on npm with over 15,000 weekly downloads and has 200+ stars on Github.

An open source calendar heatmap inspired by Github's contribution graph, developed while I was at PatientsLikeMe. It's published on npm and has 400+ stars on Github. Built with React and SVG.

An open source interactive piano component which supports custom sounds, touch/click/keyboard events, programmatic playback, and fully configurable styling. Published on npm.

Save Tabbed Images
An open source Chrome extension for downloading images in tabs super quick. Has more than 9,000 weekly users. Built with React.


Carnegie Mellon University

B.S. in Computer Science, 2006-2009



  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • NodeJS
  • React
  • Javascript, ES6, Flow
  • PostgreSQL
  • Conversant in Mandarin Chinese