Software engineer interested in open source and building intuitive interfaces. Based in San Francisco.

Projects //

react-circular-progressbar project screenshot


An open source circular progressbar for React, written in Typescript and extensively customizable. It's published on npm with over 30,000 weekly downloads and has 400+ stars on Github.
react-calendar-heatmap project screenshot


An open source calendar heatmap inspired by Github's contribution graph. It's published on npm and has 500+ stars on Github. Built with React and SVG.
react-piano project screenshot


An open source interactive piano component which supports custom sounds, touch/click/keyboard events, programmatic playback, and fully configurable styling. Published on npm.
Save Tabbed Images project screenshot

Save Tabbed Images

An open source Chrome extension for downloading images in tabs, with more than 10,000 weekly users. Built with React.
EventMapper project screenshot


A web app that maps out concerts in your city, sorted by popularity. Built with Rails and the Songkick API.
    PatientsLikeMe App Treatment Reports project screenshot

    PatientsLikeMe App Treatment Reports

    Treatment report functionality on native PatientsLikeMe iOS app, with useful info on cost, effectiveness, side effects, and patient evaluations. Built with Swift.