Kevin Qi

Software engineer at Gridmatic.
Based in the SF Bay Area.


PianoHub project screenshot


Like for songs. Easily create and share music using a piano roll interface. Built with React, NodeJS, Postgres, and Docker.
ClimateFuture project screenshot


A web app that shows you the projected impacts of climate change where you live, based on a collection of public data sources. Originated at Science Hack Day 2019. Built with React, NextJS, Postgres/PostGIS, and Docker.
react-circular-progressbar project screenshot


An open source circular progressbar for React, written in Typescript and extensively customizable. Built with React and SVG.
react-calendar-heatmap project screenshot


An open source calendar heatmap inspired by Github's contribution graph. Built with React and SVG.
react-piano project screenshot


An open source interactive piano component which supports custom sounds, touch/click/keyboard events, programmatic playback, and fully configurable styling. Published on npm.
microharmonic project screenshot


A microtone keyboard app which lets you build and play scales outside the standard 12-note scale. Built with React and the web audio API.